Woodwind releases in the USA and UK

Our feature fiction movie, Woodwind, on music composer Bonifaz’s (played by Leandro Taub) journey in India has finally been released in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The screening was postponed for over a year due to the impact of Covid-19. Fin Pictures chose Prime Video to showcase the movie, and one can also purchase, rent or stream the film on Amazon worldwide.

Watch now on Prime Video

“With over 100 million viewers on the world’s two most successful movie streaming platforms, Netflix and Prime Video, Fin Pictures was looking at both options. We eventually selected Prime Video to premiere Woodwind,” said Woodwind director Fin Manjoo.

One can find the movie on the Amazon catalogue here.

Manjoo was alluding to more developments on the release of his movie over the next year, but prefers to reveal those details at the right time.

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