Fin Pictures has started editing

After many days of logging five terabytes of visuals, sound and music, we’ve started the editing of Woodwind (2017), gradually leading up to the first cut of the much anticipated film on mythic composer, Bonifaz’s journey to India.

Director Fin Manjoo had intended to take a three week break after wrapping up principal photography, but has found himself endlessly absorbed in the story. A striking opening scene as well as the establishment of all the characters from Bonifaz’s home town is done.

Before shooting the feature film, it was initially expected to be about 100 minutes in length, but after the tremendous amount of outstanding footage gained in India and South Africa, Fin Pictures believes it’s possible Woodwind could be over 2 hours long.

The final cut and decision on the duration should be made around February 2017, followed by the colour grading and sound mastering.

Once all the footage is down on the timeline in the first rough cut, then you can expect preparation for the first teaser trailer to begin. An official date for the trailer hasn’t been set yet, but don’t expect one before the New Year.

With the surround sound edit expected to be complete in April or May 2017, Fin Pictures will be in line to release Woodwind to film festivals from September or October.

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