Woodwind plot released

After being quite secretive in the first wave of information communicated to the media and public, Fin Pictures is starting to reveal official details of the feature film, Woodwind.

The basic outline and plot for the first time informs us about the story’s premise and the protagonist, Bonifaz’s motivation for his journey to India.

Details and even press images about how the story develops into the second and third act, remain under wraps. Perhaps, a little more will be revealed in the trailer, which Fin Pictures hinted could be released in January.

Here follows the released details on the story of Woodwind:

Basic Outline

A mythic portrait of a composer, who travels to India to meet a female painter who envisions his feelings and movements from across the world, searching for the truth behind the mystery and the source of his music inspiration.

Plot Summary

In a contemporary mythological portrait of a young South American composer Bonifaz, his startling coincidences with an American painter Agna and his former German partner Alina, haunt him on his travels in India. From the legendary holy city of Varanasi to the Himalaya mountains, Bonifaz learns to tune into the existent special abilities within himself, setting him on a path of self-discovery, artistic fulfillment and personal redemption with the three women in his life.

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