First visual edit done: Woodwind surpasses initial estimation

Fin Pictures has completed the very first visual edit of the film, Woodwind (2017).

At the start of editing, Woodwind was estimated to reach about 140 minutes in length. The running time has now gone on to total 165 minutes but this is not the final cut yet. Director Fin Manjoo believes it’s testament to the outstanding quality of principal photography in India and South Africa, because the aim was not to satisfy a set time, but for the film to be perfect in every second, no matter how many minutes were required to fulfill the picture.

Now Woodwind is following through the sound mixing, then the grading, surround sound and music mastering will be done in Germany from January to the end of February 2017. There is also the opportunity of additional time for the film to be perfected before eventual public release. This starts with the festival run which was intended for September 2017 in Europe, but it could be even earlier. Cinema release is often a few months after festivals.

With the priority carefully focused on making sure the edit is perfect, it’s only in mid-January that Fin Pictures is expected to see to the first teaser trailer. One can expect it to be released any time in January.

So, what’s Manjoo’s first impressions of his own film?

“Each of the art departments has mirrored my own conclusion, in that Woodwind continues to surpass our initial dream of what it could aspire toward, and that is very exciting for us to experience and fulfill the meeting of these objectives.

“As we enter the second stage of editing, the aim is to take it up yet another level, to make sure every second is an engaging experience for the senses.”


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