Visual edit and running time finalized

Fin Pictures advanced the fine cut of Woodwind, perfecting the transitions and completing the visual edit on Friday night.

The running time is finalized at 131 minutes, not counting the credits yet.

Woodwind director Fin Manjoo talks about the last visual cut.

“Over the last two months we’ve gradually trimmed the film close to the final cut, and it’s now finally fixed at two hours and 11 minutes.

“This was mainly for the pictures to not only breathe to immerse ourselves into this exotic world, but also to flow better in the development of the story.

“After the climactic moment, the final half hour is quite a psychedelic experience at the height of our composer, Bonifaz’s journey in India,” said Manjoo.

The movie has now passed through to Munich, Germany where the grading will be done.

Fin Pictures is also busy with the next phase of sound mixing, before printing the final cut.

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