Grading has begun on Woodwind

After a week of dealing and sitting with the German customs in Leipzig, the film Woodwind is finally in Munich.

This is where the grading is taking place by Patrick Plischke of Besserdrei Studios.

Plischke has collaborated with Woodwind director of photography Nicolas Joray before, another perfectionist. So, the grading will bring out the best from the cinematography.

At the same time Fin Pictures is also busy with the sound mixing in South Africa by Marcel Duvenage. After which the next stage is sound mastering and Dolby Surround Sound by Alec Mackay.

Woodwind should be complete at the end of February.

Then Fin Pictures will begin working on the trailer, and the process of finding the best festival for the premiere.

Generally, there’s always room for extra touches before the first public screening in Summer 2017.

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