Q & A: Jasmin Jandreau on the magic and mysticism of Woodwind

Woodwind actress Jasmin Jandreau talks to us (for as much as she’s allowed to) about her role on the feature film.

Jasmin, your role in Woodwind seems to be under wraps. What can you or can’t you tell us about the secret?

There are many mysterious elements in Woodwind. I believe she is the main one, as Bonifaz is trying to understand who she is and where she fits in (to what’s happening with him).

That’s all you going to say 🙂 So, whoever she is, what attracted you to the character?

The story and the mysticism were the first things that drew me to Woodwind. I like mysticism, fantasy and magic where there’s a bit of reality where some fantastic things start to feel possible.

The story of Woodwind is set in the holy city of Varanasi, where you have a spiritual world beside the reality of poverty. An interesting dual existence like what you described. You’ve acted in similar locations before in Cambodia. 

I like going places I haven’t gone to before. Varanasi felt like the provinces of Phnom Penh where I recently shot another film. The humidity, heat and the people (living) around ruined temples – all reminded me of Cambodia. In India the holy cows are an adventure all to themselves!

You’re used to experiencing new places, because even though you’re from the United States, you’re based in Vienna, Austria.

I like working and living in Europe because I’m outside the bubble of Hollywood. It allows me to focus on the characters and stories I actually want to tell, and get a broader perspective on the world with international projects like this one, which I was excited to be a part of. Just filming in India taught me so much.

You worked with Argentinian actor, Leandro Taub.

Leandro’s Bonifaz is a fascinating character study. Leandro is very free and expressive, off and on camera. It was a pleasure getting to observe him in a scene, playing (with it) and being creative. He is open to all the chaos around him.

Maybe this is another chance to trick you into a question about your own character?

Ha! It’s fun to play someone that doesn’t confine themselves to the usual… Even in real life, it’s special to meet someone like that, an adult who is still just as excited and curious about the world. It’s special when after all those years those qualities still reside in yourself.

From the official plot released online, it seems Woodwind asks the question whether two people’s minds, ideas or feelings can be connected from across the world. Do you think that’s possible or just fiction?

I absolutely feel it’s possible. If anyone has ever experienced being closely connected to someone, a brother, sister, best friend, loved one – that phenomena is palpable. People shouldn’t doubt the powers they have, and the effect they can have in the world.

We won’t doubt. Where else can we see you after Woodwind?

The film from Cambodia, The Purple Orchid, where I play the lead character who suffers from agoraphobia, was just selected at the London Indie Film Festival 2017. The Library, is  a post-apocalyptic drama where I also play the lead character, is in final editing and will be submitted to main film festivals this year as well. And the newest adaptation of Wuthering Heights where I play Catherine Earnshaw, is wrapping filming in the UK this April and will be in post and then distribution hopefully by the end of this year!

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