Leandro Taub: My entire life has been preparing me to be Bonifaz in Woodwind

Argentine actor Leandro Taub plays the lead role of Bonifaz, the music composer in the upcoming feature film, Woodwind.

We asked Taub what it felt like to become Bonifaz, and it’s best written in his own words.

“My entire life -which is not mine- has been preparing me for acting in Woodwind and be Bonifaz. Three times saying “me” in one sentence. Ouch,” said Taub.

That’s quite a statement given that Taub has acted in over half a dozen films of note already, including that of Poesía sin fin (2016) recently.

“You should understand: there was no distance between us and Woodwind, and there was no distance between Bonifaz and me.

“It is about being. Bonifaz is trying very hard to find it. To find what each of us is looking for. Not fake things, not the material, minded, emotional or sexual… No, Bonifaz is looking deeply. He is looking for the truth, and he is ready to give up everything for knowing it,” said Taub.

So, that begs the following questions: Why is Bonifaz looking for the truth? Why should anybody? Why shouldn’t anybody? Specific to Bonifaz, what leads him on a path where Taub describes Bonifaz to be, “ready to give up everything”?

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