Fin Pictures releases first Woodwind trailer

Watch the official trailer for the feature film, Woodwind which begins at film festivals around the world this summer.

Story: In a contemporary mythological portrait of a young South American composer named Bonifaz (Leandro Taub), his startling coincidences with an American painter Agna (Jasmin Jandreau) and his former German partner Alina (Andrea Christina Furrer), haunt him on his travels in India. From the legendary holy city of Varanasi to the Himalaya mountains, Bonifaz learns to tune into the existent special abilities within himself, setting him on a path of self-discovery, artistic fulfillment and personal redemption with the three women in his life.

© Fin Pictures
Written and Directed by Fin Manjoo
Music: Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


Here’s the trailer you’ve been waiting for…

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