Fin Manjoo wins award to start No Matter

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission rewarded the writer-director with funding for the script development phase in Durban.

The funds will cover Fin Manjoo’s second fiction feature film, No Matter, a Zulu mining story set in Mtubatuba.

“I want to thank the KZN Film Commission for recognizing the cultural value No Matter will inspire in viewers not only in the province, but also throughout the African continent and the world,” said Manjoo who is writing the screenplay.

Manjoo will also direct and produce No Matter, just as he did with his debut narrative feature, Woodwind (2018). His first film was a mystical story of a composer who travels to India to search for the truth behind a poetic vision. It will be released for sale around the end of this year, and the details are soon to be made public.

Woodwind has been hailed by FIPRESCI and other leading South African film critics, and was screened at the Cape Town International Film Festival and Rapid Lion in Johannesburg.

With the screenplay of No Matter being developed with a team of researchers and a script editor, Fin Pictures would hope to begin shooting around 2019-2020, depending on availability dates of the best cast and crew for the production.

No Matter is expected to be a much bigger production than Woodwind which was funded by Manjoo himself.

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