VIDEO: Taub’s message for Cape Town International Film Festival

Woodwind lead actor Leandro Taub sent the following video message from Argentina to the Cape Town International Film Festival in South Africa. The film screened at the V & A Waterfront at Cinema Nouveau in October 2017, including a Q & A with director Fin Manjoo. Watch Leandro Taub’s message to the CTIFMF here.

Watch Leandro Taub’s Q&A

Argentine actor, Leandro Taub spoke to our followers of the film, Woodwind on Facebook live from Jerusalem on June 14. Taub, who plays the music composer Bonifaz, spoke about his preparation for the movie and the emotional experience of becoming the lead character of this story. The live video is set on the top of…

Watch Woodwind composer perform in virtual reality

The featured photograph showcases where composer Stefan Fraunberger spent his time for indoor inspiration in creating one of the key tracks for the film, Woodwind. Through the window, the Austrian musician had a beautiful view of the river Ganges in Varanasi as the sounds of the people on the ghats filtered into his two studio rooms….