Watch Woodwind composer perform in virtual reality

The featured photograph showcases where composer Stefan Fraunberger spent his time for indoor inspiration in creating one of the key tracks for the film, Woodwind.

Through the window, the Austrian musician had a beautiful view of the river Ganges in Varanasi as the sounds of the people on the ghats filtered into his two studio rooms.

These rooms were not used as a visual set on the film, but you will hear the acoustics herein when the film is released later this year. Woodwind is expected to premiere in August or September, and tour film festivals worldwide.

To get your first taste of Fraunberger’s music, even though we still keep the music of Woodwind a secret at this early point, you can watch him perform below in virtual reality. This is a newly released video that we were waiting to show for the followers of Woodwind.

The music in this video is not part of the Woodwind soundtrack, as Fraunberger composed it after the film for eight musicians, including a voice artist. They are shot in a 360 degree circle to capture their intonation.

You will need to use the direction arrows on the top left of the screen to move the ‘camera’ to whatever you want to view in the LIVE performance while the music is playing. Select the highest resolution for yourself and wait as the music builds into the space.

The venue is the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche in Austria. Created in the 13th century, it is the oldest mendicant order church north of the Alps

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