The Pyramid Complex

A little story that isn’t part of Woodwind, but is related to the themes of the film.

One day Adam walked to the top of a hill where he saw another hill, a hill which looked like a pyramid, and so he imagined that beneath the trees, there lay a shape fashioned by his forefathers, like pyramidal steps representing a family tree branching backward and down toward the roots of his prehistory.

After always eating freely from the fruits of the trees on the hillside, strong Adam was thirsty for the knowledge of his ancestors, searching for the mystery of his origins. There beneath all the green lay naked the pyramid complex fashioned in stone, so imagined Adam.

So, he set off to tear down the trees, breaking way to underground caves, he walked through tunneled paths, dreaming that they led to chambers which housed tombs that had buried all the answers.

Adam crushed the trees, and withdrew himself into a shell, winding around the pyramid shaped hill like a mole underground, until he ran out, after all the green had fallen and the greatest pyramid shone in a new desert like a naked sculpture of man. Without clothes and afraid of being scorched by the earth, Adam hid his nakedness between the shadows, which enclosed his body like a tomb…

There at the end of his journey at the very top of the pyramid, in his last breath Adam finally discovered that after millions of years, the shape of the hill and the caves were naturally formed, but the tunneled paths were of his own making, his own creation.

At the summit he was afraid to jump out of the eye of the pyramid, because his vision had grown sore of the sun, so Adam needed to make his way back to the bottom but had run out of fruits for the return journey, because he had ripped off all the trees and the land was barren last spring.

This is where his story was discovered and read by the next man who came digging for knowledge, only to find Adam’s remains, himself and those who had fallen on top of Adam… All the men found buried inside the hill had hailed Adam on the walls of a new tomb. Adam: the King of the Pyramid Complex who had hidden the secret of their nature in a lost labyrinth.

  • Written by Fin Manjoo

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