Woodwind trailer dates revealed

Eager followers were hoping to snatch a motion picture glimpse of Woodwind soon, with word that a rough version of the teaser was in the hands of director Fin Manjoo.

Though, Fin Pictures has revealed the period for the very first teaser trailer.

The complete cinematic copy for Woodwind was always targeting a September 2017 release at film festivals in Europe, to the United States, followed by worldwide depending on festival dates.

The post production continues to steam ahead of schedule as the fine cut visual edit is complete. They’re currently polishing the visual edit and the sound mixing should be completed by the end of January.

Then follows the grading in February, so understandably Fin Pictures has decided to completely focus on burning the midnight oil on the sound mixing and grading for the next two months. This is in order to make absolutely sure they’re ready for festival submission from mid-March.

So, the perfection of the film itself comes first, meaning that the teaser will only be finalized at the end of February, which we realise could also be known as March, knowing how Fin Pictures wants to get everything fine tuned.

Talking about trailers, this is the teaser trailer. Then the full on trailer is more likely to be released nearer to the festival date. Fin Pictures will probably work on the surround sound in March or April before the final copy is done. Expect the teaser in early March, and the month of May could see a second peak at the film with the trailer.

Visual interview material will intensify from July. The third trailer could then be timed around October, when we move from the festival circuit to commercial theatres.

Fin Pictures has already confirmed that the film is expected to be two and a half hours long.

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