Woodwind trailer to be released later this month

Fin Pictures has begun working on the Dolby Surround Sound for their upcoming feature film, Woodwind.

Here follows the production updates on what you can expect and when.

At the same time Fin Pictures are also busy with the final touches on the end credits. This weekend they should start with the English subtitles for the Spanish and German language dialogue. It is estimated that a little less than half of the film is spoken in English.

With the grading perfected, Woodwind could be complete around March 10. Then Fin Pictures will focus entirely on the trailer. They had initially intended on releasing a teaser around February, but opted to wait for the grading and sound mix to be perfected first.

Fin Pictures decided to then release just one super, definitive trailer instead of a teaser.

All along they noted that the actual film, Woodwind should be premiered around September 2017. They’ve now given themselves a chance for an earlier release date in Europe.

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