Leandro Taub: Woodwind made me grow

The story of Woodwind is the story of music composer, Bonifaz.

Actor Leandro Taub is Bonifaz, and he speaks to us about his transformation from Argentina to Germany and India to become Woodwind‘s protagonist.

“Not many directors send you music to study (in this way). Fin Manjoo did it,” said Taub.

“(Learning) Arvo Pärt among other great composers, pushed me to transform myself into another self which I did not experience before, Bonifaz. I am very happy to say today that I’ve met the Bonifaz in me. This film made me grow,” added Taub.

Taub is referencing Woodwind director, Manjoo’s choice of the great Estonian composer, Part as one of the role models in the minimalist approach to music. Part is not Bonifaz, of course, but researching his music and personality was an important step to understand the world of composers.

“Fin Manjoo not only made an awesome work in the production of the film. He also made a great job in the development of each detail he wanted to see expressed on the screen,” said Taub.

The actor references the many treatments and detailed discussions in Taub’s preparation in perfecting Bonifaz. Ultimately, the story of Woodwind is the journey of Bonifaz.

“We had a great time in India. Several souls, travelling from different areas of the world, to meet in India to do a film together. Work is a good way to know someone deeply. How he or she behaves in front of challenges, in front of unexpected challenges, in front of the necessity of discipline, of effort, of creativity, of intelligence, of awareness, of connection. I believe and feel we connected very well.”

Taub talks about the exploration of Bonifaz in finding his way, an adventure for the whole cast and crew as art met reality.

“The Himalayas and Varanasi were full of adventures. Every day was different from the next one; every day we were receiving unexpected news. There was a plan of what we were going to do each day but each day was finding us with its own requirements. Our work was constantly to align our individual and group will, with the divine will in a foreign land.”

There were a number of extreme challenges such as having to reschedule due to the uprising protests in Kashmir which turned into a warzone, illness where team members had to go to doctors/hospitals, adapting from the highest altitude in the world to the heat of Varanasi and a totally new cultural style.

“I’ve been lucky to meet warriors in the team, ready to make the film no matter what. And we made it,” stated Taub.

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