Grading, surround sound and Spanish titling update

Patrick Plischke is virtually finished with the grading of Woodwind at Besserdrei Studios in Munich.

Cinematographer Nicolas Joray is going to Germany for final touches with Plischke tomorrow, and with final approval from director Fin Manjoo, Fin Pictures is on target to finish the film on Friday.

Tomorrow Manjoo will go through the surround sound, mixed by Alec Mackay.

The English subtitles for the Spanish language is also done, as well as the credits.

With half of the film, Woodwind spoken in Spanish, one may be curious of the title in this language.

The title is El viento de los bosques.

The English title has multiple meanings, including that of a Woodwind instrument. The Spanish title focuses on the natural wood and wind. The title could be a clue when asking who or what is Woodwind?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    kind wait for this movie yooh


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