Woodwind’s meant to be experienced in the cinema

With new technology so many viewers are watching movies on laptops, their tablets and even phones.

It would be quite ironical to watch Woodwind like this, when you consider one of the themes of the story is immersing yourself in the natural world.

Our surround sound supervisor and mixer Alec Mackay underlined this point in his interview.

“An immersive surround sound design gives the audience the opportunity to experience sound in the same way that Bonifaz does, removing the separation between the audience and the screen. It is important for the audience to understand and share in the relationship that Bonifaz has with music, acoustics, and natural sound. The sound design focuses on delivering that relationship,” said Mackay.

So, Woodwind is best experienced on surround sound, which is what you’d expect from cinematic experiences. Though, it’s even more vital in Woodwind because it’s a film about the power of music and sound.

At the moment Fin Pictures is selecting the ideal festival for the Premiere.

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