Woodwind trailer to be released in a few days

Word from Fin Pictures is that the much anticipated trailer of Woodwind could be released to the public on Monday.

The actual release might be strategically timed for the media, so “in a few days” is the most accurate estimation.

Director Fin Manjoo shares advanced insight on the trailer and the complete film.

“From the 150 second trailer you will be able to get a feeling of the themes of the film, without us revealing or spoiling the mysteries in the story.

“Some trailers tend to pack the movie in it, but for us, we will protect the actual artwork which is the complete film, Woodwind.

“One of the most difficult challenges (especially on debut) is realising your exact vision in each stage of the production, and I’m delighted that the complete film (139 minutes) is exactly how I wanted it to be in every detail and quality, thanks to the whole Woodwind team.”

A big decision Manjoo made in the trailer is to hold back the music of Bonifaz, until you watch the film. Bonifaz’s ability to realise his ideal music, only comes to him after an extraordinary experience in India.

“There’s three different languages in the movie and trailer – Spanish, English and German. So, get ready for subtitles unless you can understand all three.”

So, the trailer’s out in a few days, and the full movie will be released in a few months.

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