Q & A with Furrer: The hidden sacredness of women in Woodwind

We speak with Woodwind actress Andrea Christina Furrer, who plays Alina in the upcoming feature film.

Question: Much will be made of the lead character in Woodwind, the composer Bonifaz. However his girlfriend/partner/wife Alina is also involved in music. What can we say about how she connects to the music that Bonifaz discovers?

ACF: I believe Alina is also gifted in her music, but does it help her personal situation in the suffering with Bonifaz? She has an inner wisdom. One might call it the sacred aspect of the feminine, a concealed value that shines through and connects the women of the story with Bonifaz’s journey.

Q: What is it about Woodwind that attracted you?

ACF: I liked the story and the script. I love true art film and poetic cinema when it’s in a good way. When director Fin Manjoo and I spoke about the story, I could feel it (Woodwind’s quality) quickly, and to go on this journey with all the artists of the production.

Q: It’s not just Bonifaz in a foreign land in India, but at the start of the film Alina is somebody in a foreign land too, because she is from Switzerland and now in South America? Are there parallels between Alina and Bonifaz here?

ACF: Yes, that’s right. In the film we see the two sides of Alina. There’s the actual present state of the relationship with Bonifaz, where she is wounded by his strong new direction. Then there’s the memories, where she is free, herself and where there is more space for the deep connection with Bonifaz.

Q: You’ve been to India before. Tell us about your interest in Indian culture or music which is also a major subject of this film?

ACF: India is just a very different place than anywhere else in this world. The first time I was overwhelmed by everything. Then I became part of the open energy, the amazing nature, it’s a very spiritual space (for sure) and the rhythm of India flows like a big music concert, and this is ideal for the film Woodwind.

Q: Was it your first time in Africa and how did you like Cape Town?

ACF: Yes, this was my first time in South Africa and Cape Town. It’s a very beautiful place and nature, wide open landscapes, ideal to get in touch with animals, to embrace the wild sea and there’s a very soft light.

Q: What other films can we see you in next?

I’m in preparation for Hexenkinder (in Switzerland) and then for Tragači (in Bosnia).

We didn’t mention anything about Bonifaz going to meet Agna in India.

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