Nature as a ‘character’: Magazine MN interviews Fin Manjoo

The role of nature is as important as the characters in the film, Woodwind. That is why Magazine MN, which usually focuses on Green Living, caught up with director Fin Manjoo to talk about the importance of nature to the art of the film and on a personal level. The key questions the Hungary and…

VIDEO: Taub’s message for Cape Town International Film Festival

Woodwind lead actor Leandro Taub sent the following video message from Argentina to the Cape Town International Film Festival in South Africa. The film screened at the V & A Waterfront at Cinema Nouveau in October 2017, including a Q & A with director Fin Manjoo. Watch Leandro Taub’s message to the CTIFMF here.

Q & A with Furrer: The hidden sacredness of women in Woodwind

We speak with Woodwind actress Andrea Christina Furrer, who plays Alina in the upcoming feature film. Question: Much will be made of the lead character in Woodwind, the composer Bonifaz. However his girlfriend/partner/wife Alina is also involved in music. What can we say about how she connects to the music that Bonifaz discovers? ACF: I…

Slideshow: Leandro Taub’s personal iPhone pics

We managed to find Bonifaz (Leandro Taub’s) photos behind the scenes on Woodwind in India and Cape Town. If you have a slow connection, allow about 2 minutes for the gallery to load.    

Leandro Taub’s Video Diaries in India and South Africa

We will update this video diary blog weekly. You can also access Leandro Taub’s little video diaries directly on our Woodwind Facebook page. Woodwind lead actor Taub doesn’t forget his fans, even on the road between Shimla and Manali in India. When others stop for a drink break, Taub is talking to his followers in his…