The mysteries of Woodwind

In festival forms Fin Pictures had to select categories even though Woodwind is not a genre film. The following three were selected: Drama, Music and Mystery.

Readers already knew this is a dramatic narrative feature with a running time of 2 hours and 16 minutes. Woodwind cannot be labelled a musical since there’s no dancing, but it is largely about a composer’s journey to discover the source of his music inspiration. What we didn’t know is that the film can be described as a mystery.

“Yes, Woodwind is also a mystery,” confirms director Fin Manjoo.

“The mysteries in the story are central to driving the narrative. We are not limited to just one mode of understanding, so there are multiple interpretations and keeping the points open-ended allows the audience to fill in their own world views.

“In moving from one act to another the audience has to ask questions, think and fill in the dots. It’s not about complicating matters. You can easily understand the events by simply listening to the dialogue and following the signs. This is the same way we experience the mysteries of life. There are those who will look back and analyze for deeper meanings therein, others may prefer to mostly feel the experience.

“The reason we experience the film this way is that the resolutions of the story, don’t just tell you about Bonifaz’s character. I’ve spoken to about six members of our team from the script stage and each of them interpreted certain events in a totally unique way. I intended each of these interpretations as a mode to reflect, not just upon Bonifaz, but also the world view of the viewer,” concluded Manjoo.

Interestingly, the director-writer of Woodwind noted ‘mysteries’ and not just one mystery. When you look at the plot revealed to the public, there’s already a few mysteries noted in there. Bonifaz is searching for the truth behind a poetic vision, written to him by a female painter. Who is she and how was she able to describe his movements in the woods from across the world?

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