Leandro Taub: Woodwind is a great piece of art

Woodwind lead actor Leandro Taub, who plays the composer Bonifaz, shares his views on the movie. 

Woodwind is a great piece of art,” said Taub.
The actor watched the narrative fiction feature back in Argentina, speaking ahead of the release of the DVD, Blu-ray and upcoming streaming availability of the film worldwide.
“In the film I could feel the inner struggle of a human being… to achieve something greater through music and the silence between the notes.”
Having acted in legendary director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry (Poesia sin fin) just before joining the Woodwind cast as Bonifaz, Taub was challenged with playing a musician who is suffering the loss of his mother and questioning the point of the classical music industry.
He produces a brilliant performance which captures a metaphysical journey, asking himself deep questions from Varanasi to the Himalayas, wondering whether what he’s experiencing in his relationships are coincidences or the proof of the existence of unexplained forces. Though, the movie doesn’t tell you what to believe, it shows you what Bonifaz experiences and audiences are able to interpret this in multiple ways.
“The divine essence is always present but we don’t see it, it is always speaking but we do not hear it, it is always there but we do not feel it (somehow),” said Taub of his interpretation of these events.
One of the standout moments is when his character Bonifaz hears a mysterious voice in his head and he attempts to discover what’s the source of this sound. Is this a spiritual experience or is Bonifaz going mad?
“Bonifaz is experiencing an inner and outer journey to find the answer to a question that he can not pronounce. It is not easy for Bonifaz to find what he is looking for. The life of Bonifaz is full of uncertainties and paradoxes. (To me) his journey is a divine mystery,” says Taub.
Woodwind is already available to pre-order here, and will be released on November 20.
“This is a film to watch carefully, with all the attention, to get deep into the experience of the cinematic art and how the story reflects into our lives,” said Taub.


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