Actress Jasmin Jandreau’s “orb of light”

The Woodwind actress reflects on her special experience on location in India, speaking during the release of the film on DVD, Blu-ray and online streaming.
“We explored the holy city of Varanasi, filming at sunset on the Ganges river while the holy festival of lights played out on its shores,” said Jasmin Jandreau, looking back at shooting Woodwind.
Jandreau played Agna, the mysterious woman who Bonifaz travels across the world to meet. We read how the actress enjoyed Varanasi as much as Agna would’ve.
“We walked through the tightly-winding, stone streets where one had to watch out for the sacred cows with horns coming your way. The monkeys were all too human, they would watch our scenes being filmed (bringing more of their friends).”
The American actress also has fond memories of shooting in the countryside of India where Agna meets Bonifaz in a jungle.
“(I remember) Being still between scenes and listening to the enchanting Lakhaniya Dari waterfalls in the natural reserve,” said Jandreau.
Looking back at her whole experience Jandreau picks out her favourite memory.
“The people were the most incredible to interact with – always happy to help with our film and at the same time so serene, wrapped in their simple lives; abounding curiosity and peace.
“Being a part of this story, this adventure, in such a sacred place brings to life the true intentions of this film. I left Varanasi with a tiny orb of light in me. That there is a divine peace out there if only we have the courage to seek it, outside as well as inside ourselves. I hope in watching this film, you as the viewer, might leave this story with a tiny orb of light in you too.
“I want to thank the entire production of Woodwind, especially Fin (Manjoo), for bringing me to Woodwind,” said Jandreau.
The actresses’ fans can enjoy her Q & A video where she answers all your in-depth questions about the story and characters of Woodwind.


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