Woodwind selected to screen in India

The feature fiction film has been officially selected to screen at the largest entertainment event in New Delhi, the capital of India, showcasing international films from 50 countries.

The Diorama International Film Festival will run from January 14-20, where the final cut of Woodwind will be exhibited in competition.

“It’s a wonderful coincidence for New Delhi to be the first Indian city to screen Woodwind, because our cast and crew first met there, where we established our base for the shooting of the movie. Then we shot all around Himachal Pradesh, into the Himalayas, to Varanasi and many surrounding areas in the countryside,” said director Fin Manjoo.

The South African director’s grandfather was born in Surat (near Mumbai), India. Diorama is the confluence of Hollywood, Bollywood, regional and world cinemas.

“It would be interesting to screen Woodwind there when most of the new generation is not aware of the value of Indian culture in art, because similar to South Africa, they measure their art against Hollywood’s approach to movies.

“We must realise that even if we examine the most advanced approach to music in the postmodern era to today, we will notice brilliant composers borrowing key techniques that were used in India centuries ago. This is where the movie rediscovers the cultural value of Indian art translated into a cinematic experience.,” said Manjoo.

The film producer, writer and director was born and grew up in Durban, South Africa. Woodwind is reflective of the artist, Manjoo going back to his roots in India but his story is that of a musician instead of a filmmaker.

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