Ndikudze’s reward for tremendous work

Fin Pictures is thankful for the outstanding effort produced by all crew members, as we now focus on second camera assistant, Bryan Tinashe Ndikudze.

At the time of the shooting of Woodwind, the Zimbabwean was living in difficult conditions on the outskirts of Cape Town. After gaining excellent experience on the set of Woodwind, Ndikudze has progressed to now have his own media office in Johannesburg.

“Even though Bryan lived furthest from our filming locations, he’d always arrive on time like clockwork. His passion for the production of Woodwind; as well as his dedication and attitude amazed me, even within a team that was filled with heroic cast and crew members,” said director Fin Manjoo.

Ndikudze writes about how his experience on Woodwind shaped his career forward:

“I am very thankful to Woodwind for empowering my career. I will never forget this project in my life. The film has developed me a lot, particularly my motivation to work hard. Since then I was able to find a number of other productions including another feature film, six short films and work with a couple of TV shows,” writes Ndikudze.
“I am currently (also) running a company called BTN Media with eight team members.
“On Woodwind I mostly learnt about creativity and how to plan a big production. It also helped to remain focused on what I can do best in life. I could see how good teamwork strengthens productions.”
Ndikudze was led by Swiss-Italian cinematographer Nicolas Joray and was partnered by another assistant camera person in Rebecca Furlong. There were other members of the camera crew during the production of Woodwind, but Furlong and Ndikudze were the two best operators for Joray.
“Most important was seeing that beautiful cinematography up on the screen in the cinema. Now looking back, I really miss the special moments I had with the Woodwind team. We were a family. I have been on other productions but on Woodwind there were no cold shoulders. I didn’t get the impression from any actor or crew that they were above me, everyone respected each other with the same attitude of hard work. I’m still in touch with a number of them. As I said we are a family now.
“I also want to thank everyone in the crew and cast. I learnt from people of different cultures in this film. It was a great experience and will remain dear to me throughout my career. With Nicolas’ advise I learnt about commitment, caring and humbleness. I am thankful for the praise and encouragement received from Fin. I really appreciate his confidence to call me up for his next production, No Matter. I am willing to give my utmost best and this motivates me to continue working hard,” said Ndikudze.

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