Leandro Taub’s Video Diaries in India and South Africa

We will update this video diary blog weekly.

You can also access Leandro Taub’s little video diaries directly on our Woodwind Facebook page.

Woodwind lead actor Taub doesn’t forget his fans, even on the road between Shimla and Manali in India.

When others stop for a drink break, Taub is talking to his followers in his first video diary here. You can also watch the second part of his video here.

Then in his next diary, after Taub’s marathon flights from our previous location in India, here he is at his new place in Cape Town.

The Argentine actor is playing the role of composer, Bonifaz in Woodwind. He’s performed around the world, but Taub is clearly excited about his first visit of the continent of Africa.

Here you can see the actor enjoying himself at the lighthouse location behind the scenes.


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